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Reward Flyer is a startup that leverages the use of your (responsible and excellent) credit to obtain free flights.

Our goal is to introduce you to the world of free travel (well almost free, except for the taxes and fees) by maximizing the signup bonuses offered by credit cards. Our founders themselves haven’t taken a paid flight since 2008, and want to show you the incredible value of credit card signup bonuses. We believe you can achieve the same results by creating flexible travel plans and focusing on the most lucrative products offered by the banks. Believe it or not the banks may actually want you to travel for free. But most people don’t know either which card(s) to sign up for, or how to efficiently utilize their miles. By educating and showing you the flights available and the different programs that could be used to get those free flights, we take out most, if not all the effort and guess work needed to redeem your miles.

However, before you start signing up for every credit card under the sun it’s of utmost importance to protect and keep track of your credit score. Your credit is one of your most important assets and using it irresponsibly can have serious repercussions. We always recommend speaking to your financial advisor to see if applying for credit cards is something that works for you. To learn more about how your credit score works please visit our FAQ page.

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