Award Booking Service

What is an award booking service?

An award booking service helps you find airline seats using your miles and points. Award seats come out of a different bucket of the airlines inventory and as such can be tedious to find. What maybe available by the airline for sale may not be eligible for the redemption of miles, and it may require some additional research to find these seats. Our goal here at Reward Flyer is to help you find these seats for free.

Do I have to pay to use this feature?

Our award booking service is free for a limited time. However, to qualify for this service you must be logged in to your Account before applying for any credit card. Once we verify your application, you will automatically be eligible to use this service for the miles you’ve signed up for. In the unlikely event we cannot verify your application, you may be required to send us any approval email you may have received from the bank.

Please note that if you decide to change your destinations/travel plans from the time of the application, we will still try and find you flights based on the number of miles you were approved for. However, we will only help in searching for the airlines/alliances whose credit cards you signed up for. Once we do find an itinerary that works for you, you will then need to contact the airline directly to book your tickets. Instructions on how to do this will be given at the time of booking.

What if I already have the miles and don’t need to sign up for any credit cards, can I still use this service?

In the event that you already have the required miles to complete your trip we can help you book your trip for a small fee:
- A domestic ticket will cost $50 for the first passenger, and $25 for every passenger thereafter.
- International tickets will cost $100 for the first passenger, and $50 for every passenger thereafter.

To start the process we will need you to fill out our Contact Form with the date of travel, number of passengers, cabin, origin and destination.

What if there's no flight(s) available?

There’s no guarantee when you search for a flight for it to exist a few minutes or even hours later. Award seats are subject to availability and there is no wait listing allowed. Incase there are no seats available for your desired destination, we will look for your flights offline through our other award inventory systems. But in no way do we guarantee any form of seat availability. The earlier you book the better the chances of securing your flight.

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