How It Works?

Our goal at Reward Flyer is to save you money on airfare. We do this by identifying airline seats that are redeemable by miles, and the credit card sign-up bonuses that will quickly allow you to rack up those miles. By showing you real time award flight inventory, and the different programs that could be used to get these free flights, we eliminate all the effort and guess work needed to redeem your miles.

You can start flying for free in 5 easy steps:

  • Search  Search

    To get started, you need to complete your flight search as you would on any travel website.

  • Select  Select

    After you select a frequent flyer program from the search results, we will provide you with a list of credit cards that will earn you the required miles for your flight.

  • Apply  Apply

    Review the terms and conditions of the card you’ve selected and apply for it when you’re ready. Be sure to read our FAQ on credit cards and understand how applying for cards may impact your credit score.

  • Spend  Spend

    Upon approval of the card, keep track of your expenditure and ensure you have been awarded the bonus miles after completing any minimum spend.

  • Fly  Fly

    Once the miles have been credited to your account, contact the airline whose credit card you signed up for to complete your reservation. Or you can always use our free Award Booking Service to assist you in your flight search

Please keep in mind that Reward Flyer does not sell tickets in any way. The availability on our site may (at times) differ from what the airlines see at their end due to constantly changing inventory. Award seats are subject to availability and not guaranteed until ticketed.

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